Prepared Yellow Mustard (Hot Dog Style)

Water 27.85%
White Vinegar 50.25%
Whole Ground #1 Yellow Mustard #201 18.05%
Sugar 0.63%
Salt 2.42%
Turmeric 0.72%
White Pepper 0.04%
Garlic 0.04%
Allspice 0.01%
  1. Mix dry mustards with water at room temperature and allow 10 minutes for flavour development.
  2. Mix in remaining ingredients.
  3. Heat using jacket kettle or double boiler for 15 minutes. This step can be omitted if cold processing is desired.*
  4. Cool down and homogenize using high shear mixer or colloid mill.
  5. Evaluate taste, flavour and aroma after a day of aging and adjust with dry mustard if too liquid.
  6. For hot process, maturation is complete after 1 week of aging.

*Cold processing requires 2-3 weeks of aging. Decrease liquid components by 20%