BBQ Sauce Dry Mix

Tomato Powder 138.81g
Sugar 92.27g
Modified Food Starch 59.33g
Brown Sugar 43.95g
Salt 35.16g
Onion Powder 25.93g
Mustard #103 & #204 16.26g
Worcestershire Sauce Powder 17.58g
DDM Yellow Mustard #601 5.00g
Citric Acid 4.39g
Vegetable Fat 2.20g
Black Pepper (ground) 2.20g
Garlic Powder 0.44g
Cloves (ground) 0.22g
Allspice (ground) 0.13g
Red Pepper 0.13g
Colouring as required

Combine 444g of Barbecue Dry Mix with 970mL of cold water. Mix until smooth. Add to 950mL boiling water, stirring constantly. Cook over medium heat until sauce comes to a boil. Simmer about one minute. Stir as necessary.