Full Egg Mayonnaise

Canola Oil 76.20%
Vinegar 6.00%
Lemon Juice 1.50%
Egg White 4.00%
Egg Yolk 3.70%
Sugar 2.80%
Water 3.10%
Salt 1.70%
Mustard Flour #103 1.00%
Hydrate the mustard flour #103 in water for 5 minutes. Add the vinegar, lemon juice, salt and sugar to the flour water mixture. Mix for 15 seconds in a mixer at a speed of 3000rpm. Add the egg white and egg yolk to the mustard flour mixture and mix for 15 seconds in the mixer at a speed of 3000rpm. Adjust the speed of the mixer to 11000rpm and add the oil very slowly for the first 30 seconds and then add the rest over the next 2 minutes. Continue mixing the mayonnaise once the oil has been incorporated for another 20 seconds at a speed of 11000rpm.