Seasoning Blends

Mustard lends both flavour and appearance to many seasoning blends, and its usage is wide and varied in this regard.

Barbecue seasoning dry mixes normally contain oriental mustard flour, which contributes flavour and heat, and assists in tenderization.

Dry salad seasonings contain ground or crushed mustard for flavour and visual appearance.

Meat seasonings contain substantial levels of ground mustard for a variety of reasons – as a protein contributor, binder and emulsifier.

Overall, the addition of dry mustard to a seasoning mix will contribute texture, flavour, colour, and act as a meat tenderizer in a barbecue seasoning application.

Mustard flour is used in low levels to improve the colour and taste to batter coatings. Its function, when used in fish batter, is to provide a balance to the oily taste of fried fish. In addition, the yellow colour of mustard enhances the desired brightness of batter. A secondary benefit is increased water absorption.

How Mustard Benefits
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