On the Grow!

We are pleased to announce that after 150 years of being headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario where our mustard milling plant operates we have opened a second operation close to the mustard growers in the Canadian Prairies. Sitting on 22 acres in Bow Island, Alberta, our repurposed 55,000 square foot operation is currently designed for procurement […]

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EU phosphate objection causes kebab stir

With a rising health concern about using phosphates as a food additive, more and more food companies are choosing Mustard as a natural replacement for phosphates. Mustard naturally functions as an emulsifier, a stabilizer, a preservative, a binder, an antioxidant and more. Contact us for more information. Click here to learn more

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Proud to be a part of Hamilton’s economic development!

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Plant-based hamburger patties are on display during a media tour of Impossible Foods labs and processing plant in Redwood City, California

Meat packers add plants to plate as consumers, competition shift

Some major North American meat producers are clearing room on their plates for plant-based substitutes, hedging their bets as consumer tastes shift and high-tech startups seek to create meat alternatives that taste like the real thing. Other meat packers including Canada’s Maple Leaf Foods Inc and German sausage-maker Rügenwalder Mühle are also stepping up production […]

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Good News!

Panera Bread Becomes First National Restaurant Company to Share List of Unacceptable Ingredients. Company Details ‘No No’ List of Artificial Additives to be Removed and Introduces ‘Clean’ Salad Dressings. As more and more companies are concerned about artificial ingredients, they turn to mustard as it serves a number of very functional roles, such as a […]

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Can certain foods make you smarter?

You don’t need another degree to boost your brainpower at work. According to one author and neurologist, if you want to work smarter, you have to eat smarter. Brain Maker foods include mustard. Learn more…

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Mustard – A Natural Solution to Food Additives

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the use of additives in processed foods. With recent studies linking the chemical emulsifiers used in many processed foods to health problems including Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and increased risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke, more and more food companies are turning to mustard for it’s many […]

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Mustard seed waste may offer natural preservative promise

by Nathan Gray, 28-Mar-2012 A new method to extract compounds from “low value” mustard seed waste could provide industry with a new source for natural food preservatives, according to a team of Canadian researchers. Study finds that mustard flour can kill bacteria A University of Manitoba study finds antimicrobials in mustard are toxic to bacteria […]

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Versatile Ingredient

New business driven by mustard substitute for sodium phosphate or soy protein isolate. by Heather Angus-Lee Mustard is a highly versatile food ingredient that is increasingly being used for different properties – as an emulsifier (stabilizer in processed foods), binder, and for health properties including natural preservative and antioxidant. Its source as a protein is […]

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