Quality Assurance

From the Seed to the Table

We have earned our reputation as the premier miller of mustard products in the world based on our “ground up” approach. It all starts with 100% premium quality pure mustard seeds grown in the fertile fields of the Canadian Prairies. Right from the beginning, we work very closely with our seed suppliers to establish and consistently achieve our strict specifications for the highest calibre non-GMO seeds available.

There is no compromising the purity of our mustard products. Heat treating our seeds with steam guarantees minimal bacteria. Our exacting quality control standards are an integral part of each step in the production process.

You can confidently place your trust in G.S. Dunn’s mustard products, knowing that we are Level 3 SQF certified (safe quality foods) and HACCP certified. On a world-wide basis, we continue to adhere to increasingly stringent food quality and safety requirements. Our Quality Department follows a rigorous, continuous in-line sampling protocol of all finished product. In fact, we retain samples from every pallet of product shipped from our mill and keep them on-site for a minimum of two years.

Our highly qualified lab manager and technicians are always available to answer questions concerning specifications and product quality. Feel free to contact us at any time for more details on our quality process or to help you develop the ingredient solutions for your next new product. At G.S. Dunn, we understand the ever changing needs of the global market and we will continue to partner with you in meeting them, as we have for over 145 years.