We Buy Mustard Seed From Western Canadian Farmers

Proudly Canadian, G.S. Dunn is the world’s largest dry mustard miller, distributing across 6 continents to over 60 countries.

Our milling facility has been operating from Hamilton, Ontario since 1867 and our newly established seed procurement and cleaning facility is strategically located in the Canadian Prairies in Bow Island, Alberta.

We offer Canadian mustard growers access to the global market through our well-established and extensive network of buyers and distributors.

On a world-wide basis we are committed to the highest quality, consistency, certification and customer service.

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Contact Us

Bob Waldbauer, Director of Procurement
(306) 231-9413
Box 2139, Humboldt Saskatchewan S0K 2A0

Bow Island Facility
92050 Secondary Highway 879
Bow Island AB T0K 0G0

Contact Headquarters, Hamilton