It all starts with 100% premium-quality, pure mustard seeds grown in the Canadian Prairies.

About Us

For centuries, mustard has been appreciated for its medicinal, nutritive and savoury attributes. G.S. Dunn knows the valuable role mustard has played throughout culinary history, as we have been supplying quality dry mustard products to the most notable names in the global food market since 1867.

Mr. Dunn of Croydon England capitalized on the rich soil of the Canadian Prairies and one of the best deep water ports in Canada when he established his milling operation in Hamilton, Ontario over a century ago. In 2019 G.S. Dunn established a seed procurement and cleaning facility, strategically located in the Canadian Prairies in Bow Island, Alberta.

Today, we are the world’s largest dry mustard miller, distributing to over 60 countries across 6 continents.

With increased demand, our production facility has accelerated over the past five years with innovative technology and improved manufacturing processes, permitting greater production capacity and enhanced customer service.

We are dedicated to developing unique ingredient solutions for a global clientele. As your innovative product development partner, we can help you maximize the acceptance and success of your products in the marketplace.