More with Mustard

Mustard is being increasingly used for its many unique properties. Apart from its application in traditional food categories, mustard is also used in the preparation of processed cheese, bakery products and even beverages.

The use of deactivated ground yellow mustard improves the slicing quality and heat stability of processed cheese products. It is also a vital ingredient for the baking industry as it enhances flavour, water absorption and shelf life. It can be used to reduce the egg yolk in formulations and reduce costs. There is also a potential for deactivated ground yellow mustard to be used as a reducing agent to break down gluten matrix, relaxing the dough and improving stretchability.

Due to its antioxidant and nutritional values, mustard is coming under increased focus as a uniquely beneficial ingredient in the growing health drink and functional food category. With the promise of continued research and the global demand for healthy food products, this ancient seed holds fresh opportunity for the future.

   This ancient seed

holds fresh opportunity

for the future.